Joyce Goldoni

London based portrait and lifestyle photographer

I always had a passion for all styles of art, dance, music, cinema, and of course, photography, but I never imagined that one day I would be part of this world.

My professional life started in an office, working in sales and finance, but I never felt completely fulfilled, I felt that something was missing, that I would like to do something that would allow me to touch people’s lives.

It was then that, with some encouragement and support from my husband, I started to study photography. At the beginning, I used him, my family and Jeremias, our French Bulldog, as models.

I can’t explain exactly, but I was instantly happier to see how magical it was to capture those real-life moments and make them eternal memories through photography. Everyone deserves to see their best smile, their essence, the best part of themselves in a photo.

It was then that I realised that I wanted to pursue a career as a photographer, to be able to give this unique gift to more people.

I consider myself truly blessed to be able to eternise the best moments of someone’s life and capture the most genuine smile that may come from expectant mothers, babies, their families and sometimes even from cats and dogs that are part of the family.

My goal as a portrait and lifestyle photographer is to take the most natural and real-life images, that’s why I am specialised in natural light photography.

I believe everyone is beautiful and I love to bring out their beauty in the shape of images.

Naturally Beautiful by Joyce Goldoni